Playstation Plus "Free" Games for April 2016

Well in the past few months a lot of people haven't been too thrilled with the games that have been on offer with Playstation's premium subscription service. Although April's offerings aren't going to make you wet yourself with excitement, there are some fantastic games on offer here.

In the past I have stated that Zombi (U) was one of the best zombie survival games that I had ever player, even placing it on my top list of underrated games of all time. Further to that, I Am Alive is a brilliant post apocalyptic game for its time. Most notable for your ability to hold up enemies even without any ammo. Don't pull the trigger though because your enemies will see that you're empty.

As for the rest of the games, well they're news to me and don't appear to be any more appealing than the previous games we have received for free. Who knows, Dead Star might just be a super gem.

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Here is the full list of the PS+ Games for April 2016:

Playstation 4
  • Dead Star
  • Zombi
Playstation 3

  • I Am Alive
  • Savage Moon
Playstation Vita
  • Shutshimi
  • A Virus Named Tom

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