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Relentless Controllers Australia

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Click image for link to Relentless website
Relentless Controllers Australia
Relentless Controllers Australia are an Aussie controller business that aims to provide the best priced, simple and effective, modded controllers. While there are a lot of companies modding controllers out there such as the world known Scuf, these are all located off the shores of Australia and cost a bomb to buy, and then there's shipping costs.

Relentless Controllers Australia offers locally modded controllers that you can customise for your own needs using their Controller Lab to build you own controller.

If you have any questions in relation to Relentless Controllers, head over to their website for more information at Relentless Controllers Australia

We at Aussie Gamers Express reached out to RCA and asked if we could try out one of their controllers and they were happy enough to lend us one to put to the test for you guys. Here are two videos with our thoughts on the quality of RCA.


  1. Feel like modding an old Nintendo DS?

    1. Maybe if you can turn it into a PS4. Then you might be in luck. :)