Black Ops 3 Beta Details

Activision has released some new juice on the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 BETA which will be released next week. Thanks to Ross Mark, one of our top community members, we have the following information for you:
  • Release date - PS4 - 7pm on the 19th August 2015 (Sydney time) - PC and Xbox One to follow.
  • Download size - 15gb - likely to be the same across all platforms.
  • BETA tokens will be emailed to the email address connected to your COD account at midnight of the day of the BETA.
My worries, which are most likely to be similar if not the same as most other people, is that the PSN servers aren't the greatest at the best of times. Now to try and download 15GB on the day of the BETA along with thousands of other people in the BETA is going to put a massive strain on the network and my piddly Australian ADSL2+ broadband speeds. I don't think I will see anything of they BETA on the 19th at all.

Thanks again to Ross for this information.


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