Zombi, Can You Survive?

More Than Just a Port?

So roughly 3 years ago, apparently the Wii U actually had a game worth playing, but if you were like myself and never really paid much attention to releases on the Wii U then you would have probably missed the release of Zombi. Much to everyone's surprise Zombi, in a way set a new standard for survival horror games. And now we get to experience this great game on the comfort of our most preferred console or even your much loved PC. 

What makes this game so good? Well that is what I am here to tell you about, first however in case you were like myself and didn't own a Wii U, then you may or may not have ever heard of Zombi, so here is a little catch up. You assume the role of an everyday person who finds themselves in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse because I mean hey, who doesn't like trying to survive a Zombie apocalypse? You are guided by the mysterious "Prepper" who offers you a safe-house as such and provides you with valuable information and basic equipment to keep yourself alive, at least for the moment. So with that said, basically the story is very linear and doesn't divert too far off the generic 'go here, do this' and survive. But that isn't what makes or breaks this game as I will explain further down the page.

In the survival horror genre there is barely any room for error, consumers either love the game or hate it, and in the case of Zombi, I believe they have just about nailed it. Apart from the occasional flaw here and there it is a solid build which many developers should take note of. This brings me to the game play, now this probably brings me the most pain in this game as your character feels as though he is slow, clunky and like he just wants to die because he isn't swinging that bat with any sort of purpose to survive. This along with no dedicated crouch button, even though in many cases the game would encourage you to avoid confrontation with a Zombie horde, can make the game feel really heavy and lethargic but it is bearable and it is something that you can get used to quite quickly. 

While the graphics are definitely nothing to rave about, the game doesn't look ugly by any stretch of the imagination and in fact the blood spatter you receive on your screen after repeatedly smashing that Zombies head with a cricket bat makes the game quite satisfying and complete. This along with the audio, in particular your characters breathing and animations while you are being chased by a horde makes the game feel real, like you really are just trying to survive and you're not just your typical hardnosed, "I'm not scared of anything" type of character. This is a nice change, considering there wouldn't be many people out there who would be so calm and collected about having a horde of flesh eating Zombies chasing your ass down a tight alleyway in the middle of a post apocalyptic London.

While there are guns in the game, ammo is rather scarce and well, let's be honest if you are the only person wandering around in the middle of an empty London city the last thing you want to be doing is firing off gunshots to let every Tom, Dick and Zombie know where you are. The less attention you can draw to yourself the better your chances are of survival. Of course there are those gameplay patches where you are forced to use a gun because there are simply too many to take down with your trusty cricket bat or your melee weapon of choice which is a nice change up from you sneaking around and only taking out the bear minimum number of Zombie's so you can progress further along.

This now takes us to the annoying backpack and inventory screen which can cause you a lot of grief if you use it at an incorrect time. The inventory screen takes up your whole screen so you can barely see anything, which is no good if you quickly need to heal. Although you can set hot keys for your weapons (left and right on the D-Pad) it still feels like it is trying to make the game so much harder than it already is. Backpack space is also very limited so you have to be careful in choosing what to take with you and what you can afford to leave behind or in the case that you are completely full and find an item that you simply must have, you have to make the hard decision of what to get rid of so you can fit that item into your trusty backpack. With all that said though, I think it is the realism like this that makes this game so great. It forces you as a player to make tough decisions and unlike many RPG's. For example you can't just pick up every little thing you come across. The game forces you to make a decision to go with which ever item you believe you are going to have the most need for.

Your smart map and prepper pad are one of your most important tools in the game. Using your environmental scanner you can scan corpses, bins, crates, wildlife and CCTV cameras to gain access to your smart map for that particular area. By scanning corpses, bins and crates you can find out whether they contain loot and letting you know whether it is worth risking your behind to get to a corpse that may not have any loot on them. Once an item has been scanned it then appears on your map, so it is easy to find again if you get side tracked and head off in a different direction, even though the game does basically funnel you into the one direction.

By listening carefully to the 'Prepper' and with smart use of the skills and items you have acquired along your journey, it is possible to survive. Smart and well thought out decisions are often required and if you suddenly get a rush of blood and think you're a little better than you really are, the game can quickly smack you down, and if you are playing the game on hard difficultly then it is game over for good. Yes, you heard correct, GAME OVER. Same sort of principal applies to playing on normal mode, however upon dying you return as a new character and have to track down your former self and kill them to get your hard earned equipment and resources back, which is a great incentive to stay alive and make smart decisions.

While it may just be a port, being able to experience this great game for the first time on my beloved PS4 was pretty extraordinary. The game does a great job of really making you feel on edge with every corner you turn, like a Zombie is always right behind you or right beside you. For me this is one of the most enjoyable survival horror games I have played to date, and for only $24.95 on the PlayStation Store, and $24.99USD on Steam it is well worth it. If many remakes/ports followed suit with this sort of price point, I would more than gladly pay for them. Zombi is an excellent game and in my eyes most definitely deserves at least a play through for its low price point of just $24.95. Solid game, solid experience and it gets a solid 8 out of 10 from myself.

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Written by Zachary Weeks (Weeksy)  
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