Indie games: Are they the true Triple A titles

I know what you are thinking. Pat, you've lost your mind, but hear me out....

In the current climate of the world. Stresses of a high pressure job, a young family and a house to look after. I am finding my time for gaming dwindling. Not only that, the thought of explaining to my wife why I just spent $100 on a new game is a daunting one in itself.

Prior to the current generation of console I was completely against anything that was not a big release. There was something about a big shiny new game with all the bells and whistles pushing the console to its limits that was all I wanted. What was the next big thing. What could I sink my teeth and hours of my life into. And lets not forget that new game smell....

I am a big open world type gamer at heart and I love my racers. My biggest time sinks over the past few years have been Fallout, Skyrim, Red Dead and the GTA series to name a couple.
Indie games never seamed to compare with these releases so I never bothered to look into them.

All these series do have one very important thing in common. A riveting and immersive story.

Enter the indie game.

When I finally got my hands on the PS4 I decided to join PSPlus, mainly so I could play the odd game online and chat with a few mates.
The free games that came with it were a bonus, and one I am now very much glad that I tried out.

The free games each month were where I got my first taste of the so called indie developed game. From there it has ballooned into a great appreciation and respect for them. 

Games like The Swapper, Never Alone, Valiant Hearts, Ethan Carter, Pneuma, Submerged, Q.U.B.E & Unfinished Swan. Just to name a couple I have been lucky enough to play.

I found myself being drawn into these games, not able to put the controller down. I was taken into the story on a different level than I was expecting. The characters are likable, relate-able and I wanted to help them, protect them and make sure they could finish their story.
In the case of The Swapper, I had to finish it in 1 sitting. I could not turn away.

These releases are fantastically written. The interactions and characters stay with you long after the game is finished. And the best part, you will finish them. Generally 2-6hrs and most of these games are done. You get your escape from reality, an immersive experience and that sense of accomplishment, all without the grind.

Visually these games show you a full spectrum. Each has its own way of doing things and it works for the game. Unfinished swan uses black and white, Valiant Hearts is a story board type layout, and then Ethan Carter is like walking through a painting.

Pricing is usually pretty keen too ranging from $12-$30, its cheaper than a movie in Sydney....

One thing I have heard said and it is perfectly fitting: You don't need a big budget to create a fantastic story. You just need an idea.

Don't get me wrong, there is some shockers out there, I have never rage quite a game till I started down this path, I have tried to push the boundaries on what I know I will like and it has bit me a couple of times.

But one thing to remember here at Aussie Gamers Express  we are always happy to answer any questions on a new title you may be looking at, and as always the internet is right there to help you make an informed decision

For those of you still on the fence wondering about trying something new, for the rest of the month of September we will be giving away PS4 codes for the game Q.U.B.E, check in with the page and you might be able to win yourself one. Have a try of something new on us!!!

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Pat (Snoogans)

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