Batman, Through the eyes of a NOOB!!

OK let me just set it straight, I am not a noob to Batman, only the Arkham series. In fact I am a massive fan of the Dark Knight variant since reading the Knightfall novel some twenty years ago.

I tried my hand at the very first Arkham game though it never grabbed me enough to purchase it and finish it. I can't tell you why. All I can remember is feeling "meh" (for lack of a better phrase) about it all. That is until I got my hands on the not so recently released Arkham Knight.

I have officially been blown away. I played from start to finish including all side missions in a matter of days. Could not put it down. I even had to move the PS4 out of my office so it would stop enticing me to skip the work that I needed to get done and play some more. 

Everything in Arkham Knight is taken from the Dark Knight side of Batman. It is brooding, gritty and dark. It is full of adult themes, touches on the subject of mental health and really gets into some very dark decisions that Batman not only has to make, but also face the consequences of.

Arkham Knight is a perfect example of a mature game done right. The Joker is down right twisted. I didn't know whether to love or loath him but ended up feeling very mixed emotions. Scarecrow, well imagine his usual screwed up self but this time on 'Ice'. Arkham Knight is brutal, filled with rage and fueled by vengeance. The Riddler is his usual pain in the arse, elitist self. There are a few other cameos thrown in for good measure too.  

Batman himself treads a very thin line between justice and vengeance. This is shown in the sheer brutality of the combat. Even the Batmobile itself is brutal. If you play with a headset on or a decent sound system, I guarantee you will feel like you are the Batman. You can feel the hits, the breaking of bones, the knock outs, all movement feels solid and leaves you looking for the next altercation.

I don't want to get too much into the story but to put it bluntly, Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight have taken over Gotham. You have to take it back. Standing in your way, the sheer might and power of the Arkham Knight and the army he commands.

By the time I was finished with the main story I was emotionally drained. It is a roller coaster. Some moments will scare the crap out of you, some will have you laugh (though maybe question you're own state) at some of the Jokers antics and others will have you screaming at the screen in disbelief. 

I have now completed the game with a 100% score and am a mere four trophies from my fourth platinum. I don't platinum a lot of games, but this one deserves it. Included in my first play through were the Riddler trophies. All 243 of them that were scattered throughout Gotham. Some very easy to find and get, others took some mind bending. It was definitely a bit of a grind to get them all. It's not for everyone I know, but I do urge you to at least finish all the riddles themselves. There is some absolute gold in there for any fan of the Dark Knight.

I am now awaiting pay day to put a little bit down and get me some DLC. Something I have never done previously but I am not ready to leave Gotham just yet.

Pat (Snoogans)

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