Come To The Dark Side, We Have PS4.....

So having recently explained to a good friend who has always been an xbox 360 man that he should get himself a PS4 over an Xbox One, I've decided to try and explain the same to the world.

This is not a 'Magic Bullet' type "paid presentation" this is simply my experience and the reasons why I now own a PS4 and a glorified Netflix box (Xbox One).

Growing up I was extremely blessed to have an older sibling who needed to buy consoles but then not really play them. This meant I had access to them pretty much whenever I wanted, which as a young kid I thought was wicked. My console history started with an Atari 2600, once I was around 4 we'd acquired a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) which was the console that sucked up most of my gaming focus, with games like Duck Hunt and Mega Man 3.

I never had a Super Nintendo, so I'd often go to friends houses who I knew had one, even on one occasion I'd been asked to finish my uncles game of Donkey Kong Country 3 as he found it too hard. From here I saved and saved and saved until one birthday I had enough to buy myself a Nintendo 64. This for me was the future, 007 Goldeneye, Super Mario Kart, Blast Corps and of course The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time, still my number 1 game of all time.

Having been such a fan of the 64 I wasn't ever interested really in the first Playstation, other than Tony Hawk Pro Skater which I'd pretty much spend every weekend playing at my neighbors house. So due to my ignorance of Playstation at the time when the first Xbox console was released I was on the band wagon, looking back I'm fairly certain all I needed was the combination of a cool name X BOX!! and Star Wars: Obi-Wan, then of course Halo's co-op campaign which was simply mind blowing stuff. I was sold.

Now that I'd all but ignored the Playstation2 I was set in my ways, at the time I did have a girlfriend who owned the PS2 and then PS3 which in hindsight is a good thing as I don't think I would have had much to do with them if it wasn't for her. So chugging away on the Xbox 360 with games like Forza Motorsport, Oblivion, Skyrim, among many, many more I thought we were on a winner.

Naturally, being a Taurus, I stuck to my supposed stubborn ways and decided I'd get the Xbox One on day one. Forza Motorsport, Ryse: Son Of Rome aaand that's about it. Titanfall being multiplayer only did not appeal to me at all and once I'd stepped through the golden door of truth and purchased my PS4 I have not turned back.

This is no fanboy blowout of facts, all I have ever experienced with my PS4 is EVERYTHING being better than Xbox One. I will still buy the next Forza game and possibly Halo 5 on the One, but never again will I purchase a game on the One that I can buy on PS4. It runs smoother, everything is setup 10 times easier, even the specs point towards the PS4 actually having more power. Talking to friends in a party is so much easier to organize, games actually run at higher resolutions at a smoother frame rate on PS4. I was in sheer disbelief as to how the difference was so huge and that the talk of it being better was actually correct!

My experience in gaming has been enhanced in every way since making the move and I will never regret it. But I will always have a sad feeling of betrayal every time I look at the Xbox, or Netflix box as it is now lovingly called. What had taken such a big chunk of my love in the past has unfortunately slowly died and faded away to be nothing more than a big black box sitting in my lounge room, staring at me as I walk past and try to ignore it, like an ex girlfriend seen in public...

I dunno, it might just be me......

Thanks for reading, this is just my experience, feel free to share yours!

There are several games on their way still in 2015 and 2016 that run at 1080P on the PS4 and still only 900P on the Xbox One.

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