PlayStation Plus Games for November

Full Lineup: 
  1. The Walking Dead: Season 2, PS4
  2.  Magicka 2, PS4 
  3. Mass Effect 2, PS3 
  4. Beyond Good & Evil, PS3 
  5. Dragon Fin Soup, PS4, PS Vita (PS3 Cross-Buy when available)
  6. Invizimals, PS Vita 
Now there's a pretty good line up of games coming to PS Plus for November. The Walking Dead season 2 is basically an awesome story game with a free platinum trophy at the end. Magicka 2 is great fun when played with friends if you're into the Diabloesk type games. Mass Effect 2 is...well it's the second game of a great trilogy but probably the best of them. Sci Fi buffs would very much like to play that one if they haven't already. As for the others, they might be worth trying, so that's what I will do. 

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