Star Wars Battlefront Midnight launch EB Games Broadway.

Well here we are again for another midnight launch party. The official launch party for Star Wars Battlefront is smack bang in the middle of beautiful Sydney in the Broadway shopping centre.

Now having played Battlefront early via EA Acces on the Xbox One I am still at odds with whether or not I am going to go to the light side and purchase Battlefront or stay on the dark side and continue on with what I know and that is Black Ops 3.

Lucas Skywalker our fearless leader, (not to be mistaken for Luke) has joined me on my adventure and it's all about to kick off shortly. It's a beautiful Sydney night but damn it's hot.

True to EB Games form they have put on an awesome spread with Star Wars themed drinks and a pretty cool lolly bar. The hot dog man from the Halo launch at Penrith is back and cooking up a storm. 

The EB Games store at Broadway seems like a pretty fitting location to hold this launch as it kind of resembles the air vent they fire upon to destroy the Death Star. Seriously, this is the smallest EB Games store I have seen. The staff are welcoming and give us an awesome Darth Vader Battlefront t-shirt and, storm trooper mask, and a few Battlefront stickers. 

10pm has rolled around and the festivities are really starting to kick off. Out of the corner of my eye I spot an enormous hairy beast walking towards me. I checked that Lucas was still standing next to me and hadn't just taken his shirt off due to the extreme heat, and I realise it's Chewbacca! All my dreams have come true! I approach Chewbacca cautiously as we all know a Wookie can rip your arms off if it gets angry. I ask for a photo and Chewy happily obliges.

EA has set up a few screens where we can have a go of Battlefront. Being able to kill a bit of time Lucas and myself jump into a split screen game of Survival. Damn this game is beautiful. I am getting anxious and questioning myself on why the hell I am thinking twice about purchasing Battlefront. 

The storm troopers are arriving thick and fast and hey, there's Darth Vader. Another photo opportunity! That Vader isn't such a bad guy, just kind of misunderstood. You'd be angry too if you were left mangled and almost dead by your mentor, then your kids were sent to different parts of the Galaxy after your wife's passing.

My wallet is tingling and the light and dark sides of my conscience are screaming buy it, buy it. I need to get my mind off it. They have #ebtrivia come across the screens. Now's my time to shine. My inner nerd knows that no Google will be required for any Star Wars related question. 

What does AT-ST stand for? Seriously, All Terrain Scout Transport is fired back at them on Twitter. Next question! What star system is the planet Hoth in? Ha, trick question! You will not have me fooled. Hoth is part of the Hoth star system is fired back at them faster than the Millenium Falcon can do the Kessel Run.

Damn it's hot. Time for some fresh air. 

My phone vibrates and I am a winner of the trivia competition. Let's go see what little piece of loot they have in store for me. No one knows what the prize is and I try to use my Jedi mind trick into convincing the staff that the prize is the Battlefront PS4. Jane the EB Community manager comes to the rescue and hands me a brand new Darth Vader Edition Dual Shock 4 Controller! I seriously almost fell over. What an amazing prize! 

There is a Battlefront Darth Vader PS4 is up for grabs in a Wookie roaring competition. I can so nail this! There is 3 other competitors and I think my chances are pretty good. I grab the microphone and let out my best Wookie impression. The force is strong with the others and a young kid ends up taking home the big prize. 

So much is going on and I realise that there is only 45 minutes to go until midnight. The Sons of Obi-Wan Jedi School is putting on a lightsaber demo and damn they've got some good moves. I think it would be something cool to do but realise that I would probably lose my voice by constantly making the "vwoom vwoom" sounds all day whilst doing it.

Ah the light and dark sides of my conscience are edging me on and I am going to bow to peer pressure. I don't know why I was trying to talk myself out of this purchase. I have been waiting my entire life to play a game like this. I buckle and enter the store and purchase my copy.

10 minutes to midnight and now more than ever I am like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Soon I will be able to race accross Endor on a speeder bike, and pilot the Millenium Falcon and X-Wings.

The time has come 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Boom! It's midnight and Battlefront is now available, the line moves really quickly. EB really have these launches down pat. Within about 10 minutes everyone has their game and are on their way to a galaxy far far away...

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