Fallout 4 midnight launch EB Games Penrith

All Monday I was anxious. I knew that in a few hours Fallout 4 would be mine!

The local EB Games at Westfields Penrith once again had the honour of holding the big midnight launch event. I anxiously paced the floor staring at the clock and played a few games of that other major shooter recently released. 

Waiting for my wife to arrive home from actual exercise I began to ponder my adventures. What was I in for? How much time am I actually going to put into Fallout 4? Bethesda has a way of stealing your life without you knowing it. Fallout however has never been a favourite franchise of mine. I loved the originals on PC and Fallout 3 was pretty good, but then came New Vegas... I was burnt. Bethesda are not to blame for this as they weren't developing it, but I kind of resented that mess being part of the franchise. 

Well the time had arrived, the wife walked through the door from training all sweaty and as I rushed out I thought how good it was that I would not smell like that for a while. Soon my ass would be parked on the couch and the only physical exercise that would be required would be to get up and swap controllers when one died. 

On arrival at the store I was greeted with the line to end all lines. Not really, probably about 20 people in front of me. I was here! I was also greeted by 2 smiling EB Games employees that gave me a Fallout 4 shirt, some bottle caps and a Pip Boy mask. It was only 9:30pm though. Still 2.5 hours and another line to go. Hey, Snoogans is here. This will make the wait more bearable.

I finally make it to the counter to finalise my order and am handed a Fallout 4 soundtrack CD and a NukaCola poster that the EB employees promptly folds in half and hands to me. I gasp and almost faint. Did he just fold my poster in half? My disgusted look quickly prompted him to give me another poster. I don't think he will be doing that again. 

For those of you who have never been to a midnight launch at EB it kind of works like this. You line up and pay for your game and get it all finalised. They give you a new receipt stamped paid and then when the time comes you just show them the receipt and they give you your game. 

2 hours to go. Oh there's ice cream. Not just any ice cream though, it's like some futuristic stuff made with liquid nitrogen. Three flavours available Nukacola, Vault Boy and Deathclaw. A choice needs to be made. Ah stuff it I'll just come back 3 times and awkwardly smile at the tender as if this is my first one.

1.5 hours to go and the promised Taco man has still not arrived. Let's go check out the store. Oh my god they're unpacking them. Pip boy editions are stacked up waist high and my jealousy is at an all time high for those lucky enough to get one. I eye off the security guard, a frail looking older gentleman and ponder how far I could get with one. I see myself getting to the car and halfway out of the car park before a Deathclaw rips my car in half and proceeds to eat my face. Damn you video games I was almost on my way home. I quickly snap back to reality and look at my phone.

1 hour to go. Still no Taco man... And here comes the Dominos Pizza guy, clearly resenting the fact that he should of been home an hour ago, well that was until the 100 pizza rush order came in at 10pm. I thought I would of had to wait to see the full force of what a mole rat attack would of looked like. I clearly underestimated hungry gamers... And they're gone. 

30 minutes to go. There is certain buzz in the air. Everyone is paid up and the store is now closed off and they are getting set up. DJ Pip Boy is cranking out the beats and I am yet to hear a song I actually know. Damn I'm getting old. The line up is about 50 metres long and I'm about 5 from the start of it.

The time has arrived, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!!! Woohoo it's about to be mine. I can feel it in my hand. Receipt in hand the line moves quickly. I show my receipt and am handed my brand new copy of Fallout 4!!

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