Star Wars Battlefront new 40 Player Mode Releases Tomorrow

Recently DICE announced the new Force Awakens inspired DLC, The Battle of Jakku. Featuring not only a new map, but also a 40 player mode named "Turning Point"

In Turning Point, Rebels must locate Empire bases to attack and ultimately gain control of them. There are three Imperial bases on the new Jakku map. If the Rebels capture one, more time is added to the clock and new bases become available. The end goal is to capture the Empire’s third base “where the final stand takes place.” Capturing bases becomes more challenging as matches play out.

AT-ST’s and airspeeders are available with the AT-ST’s being used for a more defensive role compared to the other 40 player mode, Walker Assault.

The action is largely infantry focused though there will be a good deal of action going on in the skies above. “The battles are ever present; debris will be falling from the skies, you’ll even see a Super Star Destroyer come crashing down during the round.” Dice have said.

The Battle of Jakku launches as free DLC on December 1 for people who pre-ordered Battlefront. Everyone else gets access to it on December 8.

Thanks to Gamespot for the heads up. 

Pat (Snoogans)

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