Blaze Rush

Blaze Rush, what a little gem of a game! A top down racer from Targem Games looking to bring back a bit of a forgotten genre.

Choose a car that is to your tastes, chase down, blow up, cut off and push aside the competition to take the win.

The game itself feels like a bit of a mash up of Super Sprint and Death Race 2000. A survival race with no health, no brakes and no levelling up, all cars level out throughout the race. Though the “rubber banding” effect during the race did get a little annoying at times, it can also work in your favour.

Controls took a bit of a knack to get used to but are fairly straight forward and simple. The left hand thumb stick controls acceleration and direction, buttons have varied uses (boost, fire, etc) and that’s about it, the rest is up to your style and tactics. 

Visually, it’s not going to blow your mind, but it’s crisp, clean with no frame rate issues. Explosions look pretty awesome and the cars and tracks each have their own personality.

Career mode is divided into dozens of challenges that range from basic races, king of the hill matches where you try to be at the head of the pack for as long as possible, time trials, and death races where a giant spiked steamroller persistently advances on the racers. Each race grants you points, medals, and cups according to how well you perform. Points are used to climb the career mode's leader board and to unlock new characters that come with their own unique vehicles. Cups unlock further progress while medals are simply achievements to collect. A vast assortment of vehicles and weapons are slowly introduced, keeping this mode thrilling from start to finish.

Unfortunately I have not been able to get into any online races for some reason, however playing this with mates or even online strangers would be a heap of fun. The competitive nature of couch multiplayer is perfectly suited, and some of the modes would leave you with hours of fun.

For the price, if you and a couple of friends that plan on getting it, give it a go. If you only have single player, it will be fun for a while, but will not be a stayer in your rotation.

Remember one very important thing when playing Blaze Rush..... Challengers are welcome, but with victory comes vengeance!


Pat (Snoogan512)

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