Helldivers PC Review

 Helldivers PC edition!

On December 7th 2015, the previous PlayStation exclusive "Helldivers" is making the jump to PC, complete with both of the current expansion packs. Helldivers is your traditional twin stick shooter that comes with full controller support and also the option to use your keyboard and mouse for those of you that are used to the master race machines.

Helldivers made headlines for itself when it originally released on the PlayStation earlier this year, being a great twin stick shooter that could be enjoyed either solo or with up to 3 of your mates. The aim of Helldivers is to team up with your mates and head out into the galaxy to fight foes who present a never ending threat to Super Earth. The battle to keep Super Earth is fought on three fronts that are controlled by three different types of enemies which are Cyborgs, Illuminate and Bugs. Yep that is it, no fancy name there. They are just known simply as Bugs.

While I found the keyboard and mouse combo hard to adjust to, it is something that you can get used to, however if you have an Xbox controller that you use with your PC, I would highly recommended that you use it. Unless, as mentioned previously you love your keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately being a console gamer for most of my life I can struggle a bit when having to use a keyboard and mouse, hence my decision to use the Xbox controller as well as the probably biased opinion to use it.

Part of the fun is progressing through the levels unlocking more powerful weapons, stratagems and gear. Stratagems are support packages. Whether it be ammo, reinforcements, air strikes and even turret drops. These are very handy, and with the need to actually call them in via your radio and having to enter a combination of up, down, left and right, makes it just that bit more unique. So it is best to try and avoid using them when you are under the pump and be very careful where you direct them to land. Because hey, let's face it, a falling pod coming from the Mothership is sure to make a mess of any Helldiver who is unfortunate enough to be in the path of the pod. Everything in Helldivers is dangerous, whether it be friends or foes. Danger is everywhere and is always close by.

Helldivers keeps the tension high due to friendly fire being very much enabled. This means that you can find yourself countless times to be standing in front of your mate who has just laced you with a shotgun shell to the back, knocking you on your arse and forcing you to do some quick repairs to stop the bleeding before you bleed out. It's not only your teammates that you will have to try and avoid, friendly artillery and turrets can cut you down just as quick, if not quicker. That's right you need to make sure you hit the deck by going prone if you have a turret out and find yourself with enemies behind you. The turret does not come with any sort of safety mechanisms so you will find yourself getting shot in the rear end many a time.

Essentially the PC edition of Helldivers is nothing more than port, but it brings with it the same hell raising, hectic fast paced action that it brought to the PlayStation but now it can be enjoyed on the PC. Helldivers comes with the price tag of $19.99USD on the Steam store, but for those retro twin stick shooter fans, it is a must have in your Steam library. While I wouldn't recommend purchasing it if you already own it on PlayStation, for those who wish to give it a crack for the first time I would highly recommend investing in it!

Weeksy signing out.
Written By Zachary Weeks   
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