Red Game Without a Great Name: Fly, Die, Retry

Look at this, Snoogans having a go at a steam game. Don't I feel privileged, I've got my monocle on and am ready to go!

With a tag line like: "Fly, Die, Retry", you already know what you're in for.

Red Game Without a Great Name from iFun4all is a very simple concept. Help a bird fly through a moving 2D platform, be sure to not get stuck or run into anything sharp, and deliver your letter. Sounds nice and simple, a bit of fun even, yet I am sitting here writing this, shaking with adrenaline due to repeated deaths and my PC nearly becoming a permanent feature in my wall. WHY IS THIS SO HARD & SO DAMN ADDICTIVE?!!!!

Red Game Without a Great Name is beautifully presented. A steam punk-esk world coloured in shades of red and black. The game play is simple, click on your bird, drag to where you want them to be and away they teleport. Only one small thing stands between you and your goal. EVERYTHING! Everything in this world can kill you. Fly too slow or get held up - Dead! Fly into something sharp - Dead! Flying along and something spins in front of you - Dead! Every time this happens you go back to the start. After a few tries, that vein in your forehead starts to pulse, yet you cannot put it down. I have beaten world class lap times, freed a city from the grip of a madman, destroyed mystical creatures, but I have been beaten by a bird..... for now....

I may sound a little down trodden but believe me I am far from it. I am having a ball playing this even though I have found a few things that will cause frustration. The bird reacts to hitting something like barbed wire a little early compared to what the screen is showing you. Getting those precision moves right is near on impossible leading to some agitated moments in some of the higher levels.

Overall Red Game without a great name is beautiful, simple and a load of fun to play but it is probably best played in small doses though as it does seem overly eager to make sure your bird doesn't make it through.

Currently US$3.99 on steam, also available on IOS devices for AU$4.49

Good luck everyone, happy gaming and remember;
Fly, Die, Retry!!!

Pat (Snoogans)

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