Carmageddon: Max Carnage

When I first saw the details for this game I have to admit I was a little excited.
Something from my twisted youth was making a comeback, and it looked as brutal as it ever did.

Then I watched the launch trailer for the console version. Lets just say I laughed way more than someone my age should have. The over the top explosions and complete lack of humanity towards the pedestrians was everything Carmageddon needed to be.

UK developer Stainless Games, who were behind Carmageddon Reincarnation, have promised Max Damage will offer "over the top" experience fitting of the franchise's history.

Set in a world of over the top violence, Crazy power ups and non-stop laughs, you play against a bunch of complete lunatics in twisted automotive killing machines whose sole aim to purely to maim you.

It's the racing game where racing is for wimps.

We are currently going through the process of getting in touch with the developer and will be dropping more information as it becomes available.

Be sure to check back, but for now, sit back and enjoy all the goodness from the launch trailer below.
Carmageddon: Max Damage is due for release mid 2016

Pat (Snoogan512)

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