Blood Alloy: Reborn Review "Jetpacks. Guns. Swords. Endless robotic death."

Blood Alloy has been in development since the summer of 2013 when it was first introduced as a kick-starter campaign which failed to meet its funding goal. With this minor setback Suppressive Fire Games powered on because they knew they had "something" on their hands. Due to the dedication of the development team, Blood Alloy Reborn is now releasing on Steam, Xbox One, Wii U and the PSN. The game was initially made as a full "Metroidvania" game, but has now it has been made into a score chaser in which you must survive to create the highest score, level up and challenge your friends, to introduce new players to the intrinsic new movement and combat system. All forms of revenue made from the game as it is today will be focused on making the game what it was meant to be. A Metroid style arcade game with a story, a single goal and an experience that should be shared by you and your friends.

The movement, the combat, the style and the music score are all amazing. On their own each of these aspects are enjoyable at best, but put together you feel an urge to push all the buttons and fight your way to a high-score. I found myself hacking, slashing and shooting in time with the beat of the music often. The sounds for the sword and the guns emphasize the music score creating what I would consider the melody. This game to me is an orchestra of music played by you, the player and it's your job to keep the music alive by hacking through enemies and rescuing soldiers as the cyborg soldier Nia Rhys.

The levelling system in Blood Alloy: Reborn uses your in game score as the EXP you will earn at the end of your run. Levelling up can supply you with rewards such as new weapons, weapon upgrades and a new level to choose from. There are currently three levels where you can bring pain to the robot armies which are unlocked by a levelling system.

Movement in this game is very fast paced and creates both a stylish look and adds a difficulty that if you can overcome, rewards you with weapons such as seeking missiles. The sliding ability also known as BLAST (BLade Assisted Surface Traversal) allows the player to boost along floors, walls and even ceilings at break neck speeds, granting complete access to the map and flying enemies. Double jump is a feature in this game with the addition of a third jump if you combo the double jump with an upward sword strike, granting more height and a brief moment of solitude in the air to decide your next move.

The combat is mouse directional with left mouse click being your gun and right mouse click being your sword, as simple as that is, it's much more stylistic and tough to master when accompanied by the BLAST system and the onslaught of increasingly difficult enemies as you try to beat your personal best score and that of your friends'. Holding the mouse buttons also provide different attacks that I would consider heavy attacks. Such as holding left click will charge your gun and upon release, Nia will shoot a giant Hyperlaser which will send you flying backwards due to its sheer force. Right clicking however, charges your sword and releasing it will send forward a burst of energy in a line the same size as Nia herself.

At first glance this game did not appeal to me as it looked like another game that was trying too hard to appeal to those who love playing classic games such as the original Strider and other intensive side scrolling games of old. This game however, gave me a different feel. A couple of favourite things about this game follow:

- The pixel art: The art looks and feels different to other games which feature pixel art. Blood Alloy: Reborn looks and feels much closer to the old Metroid look and feel.

-The rich 80's synth style music score: I would buy the soundtrack to this game in a heartbeat. I love 80's music and Synth. A soundtrack like this one and other games such as Far Cry: Blood Dragon immerses me entirely. I left Blood Alloy open while writing this review because it is such driving music and really got my thought process going.

This concludes my review, just in time for more robot destroying, soldier saving, beat listening fun!
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