Lindsay Lohan Vs. Rockstar Law Suit Grows Legs

You may remember back in 2014 there was a murmur around internet video game news outlets about Lindsay Lohan looking into suing Rockstar for using her likeness in Grand Theft Auto V without her permission. Well it has been a long time and all appeared to have gone quiet. Until now that is.

The background in this story is based upon a character in the game known as Lacey Jonas. Rockstar and their parent company Take Two Interactive are claiming that Lohan's lawsuit has been made solely for the purpose of publicity and nothing more and are hoping that the matter is quickly dismissed.

Pictured: Lacey Jonas from Grand Theft Auto V

Lohan further claims that her entire image, voice and clothing styles have been used without permission, however this is completely denied by the developer. They claim that the only likeness is that both Lohan and Jonas are both young and blonde females.

The latest on this matter shows that New York Supreme Court judge Joan Kennedy stated that the matter would not be dismissed at this point in time.

"Defendants have not been able to prove, at this juncture of the litigation, that the republication exception to the one year statute of limitations is not applicable to this case because the intended audiences were the same as those of the original publication and the images consistently remained the same," - Judge Joan Kennedy

The full transcript of the ruling can be found here.

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Lucas Aurelius.

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