Nintendo NX Controller Leaked


So it has been revealed that this "leak" was an elaborate hoax. The person that created the fake controller has come out with a video showing how he faked the controller using a 3D Printer. I have noted that this person has faked this controller using the design from the original faked leaked photo which this guy explains was also faked with photoshop. The original leaked image is here below along with the video on how the 2nd fake was created:

Original "leaked" photo

Original Post

Nintendo Wii U fans have had a hell of a week. There are rumours flying all around the internet about the imminent death of the Wii U with claims that Nintendo will be ceasing production of the Wii U at the end of 2016. Nintendo have recently denied this rumour.

On top of these allegations, several images of a suggested Nintendo NX controller have surfaced on ths internet. These pictured within this post aren't the first of its kind, but they're definitely the clearest images that I have found. They certainly do look like a controller of sorts and the addition of a Wii U Gamepad in the shot also helps with the speculation.

The top image also shows a quick and easy sticker placed on the side which says "Confidential Property" which also gives rise to the belief that these might be genuine prototypes. From my research though, I haven't been able to located anything where Nintendo have denied or confirmed what these things really are so it's still in the air as to what they truly are.

Should these turn out to be the new design for the "Wiimote" then I would really like to see what that smooth glossy surface does in the middle of the controller. It looks like it may be a form of touch sensitive surface or there may even be a hidden screen on there. 

Boffins over on have suggested that the image has been taken from within Massive Entertainment HQ (pictured below). This conclusion was found after comparing the reflection of the tree on the monitor base with the ones that are outside the ME HQ building. Now as most of the posters of Reddit suggest, this is a stretch and isn't conclusive but it's definitely something to consider. Further fuel for this suggestion is that ME is a Swedish video game studio based in Malmö, Sweden. The company is fully owned by Ubisoft since 2008 (source Wikipedia). On top of that, Reddit commenters have suggested that the keyboard shown within the images is a Swedish keyboard.

Well, there you have the evidence that I have scrounged up. I won't be spending any more time hunting this thing down. If anything more comes my way I will share it but ultimately we will know when the time comes what this thing is. Good luck to the person that posted these if this isn't just an elaborate hoax or publicity stunt.


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