The Division: Tips for the Newly Activated

With the first weekend of the Division nearly finishing up I've had a bit of time trying to take back New York.
One thing I did notice was that there is a lot to do. Be it the many types of weapons, gear or missions, there is not a lot of information on what to do or how best to go about it.
So I have put together a bit of a tips and tricks list for you with things that have helped me out and things I have found when searching.

1: Grab collectibles, Echoes and random items.
You get XP for collecting pieces of "intel" from around the city. They will pop up as you get close to it. Watching Echos will help show what has happened and give you an inside into some of the people in the city. Be sure to pick them up if available once your done.

2: Switch weapons instead of re-loading.
In the middle of a gun fight the enemies will try and flank you. As your level increases so does their intelligence. Re-loading you weapon takes precious seconds that you may need to drop that next target.

3: Don't sell your gear: break it down. 
As you roam around the city you will start to collect a lot of new gear but rarely will it be better than what you are already using. While you can sell to make some quick cash, you don't make a great deal. Instead breaking down you gear will net you parts. Parts that can then be used for crafting better gear as you continue to delve deeper into the game.  

4: Use your parts to craft higher quality parts and hold onto them for later. 
You can use your parts to craft a higher quality part. Just go to the crafting station. I would keep those parts till later in the game. I am currently only at level 9 and the gear I am getting on missions sees me keep a lot of the stuff I have crafted for around and hour or so. Keeping those parts till later in the game will ensure you don't have to scrounge too much.

5: Check the situation board whenever you visit or unlock a safehouse. 
This is one I missed early on. Checking the situation board or getting a situation report unlocks more side missions and other locations within the map.

6: Build up or base of Operations wings whenever you can.
This will unlock new abilities and perks that can really turn the tide in a conflict.

7: Turrets are your own bodyguard.
If you're going out on your own be sure you equip the turret ability from the tech lab. Turrets can be deployed and will help to suppress giving you time to do the flanking.

8: Don't forget your consumables.
In addition to your basic on screen consumables (Medkits, Explosives) you pick up others along the way. Water, gives bonus damage, canned food has different healing properties and lets not forget the explosive or incendiary bullets!

9: Play with a friend or make some new ones. 
While going alone is fun and you can get all the way through by yourself. But it is a lot more fun with friends. The in game matchmaking I have been told has some issues but it will get the job done and is a whole different dynamic when you're working as a team.

10: Go into the dark zone.
Trust me it can be fun, especially in a group and it changes up how things are done. But be warned, it is not fair, it will never be fair, just last night I was hunted by a group of about 8 rogue agents. While a bit of a pain, next time I go in will be with better spec'd weapons to take out the rogues and earn me some more XP.

So there it is. I hope that can help you out a bit in the early levels of the game. Be sure to let us know if you have anything to add and keep an eye out for more Division themed fun!

Pat (Snoogan512)
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