The Division Two Weeks On

The dust has finally settled since Ubisoft broke their own records with the launch of their new RPG cover based shooter and latest addition to the long running world famous Tom Clancy games. But I am sure all of you know that by now, so the burning question here is, after two weeks of playing and reaching level cap, is The Division still worth your time? 

The short answer is yes, it most definitely is. Like most loot based games, the grind to find more gear and better loot is what keeps players coming back. The Division does this in a way that you always feel like you're a chance of getting that high end weapon you have been chasing or that chest piece that is just going to complete your build. With two daily hard missions and a challenging mission that awards at least a superior drop (for hard missions) and a guaranteed high end drop for the daily challenging mission. Along with this you will also earn a premium currency (Phoenix credits) that can be used to purchase high end blueprints and gear from the special weapon dealer located at the top of the stairs in your tech wing that allows you to craft high end gear. 

It is important to note that Phoenix credits are account based. This means that you can have up to 4 characters run through the daily hard and challenging missions and essentially dip your hand in the bucket 4 times. The other feature is the stash that allows you transfer your gear from one character to another if you wish to do so, which would make a lot of sense instead of having to craft or spend phoenix coins on each and every character to get them to where you want them. 

The Dark Zone as it is known is a dangerous place, and in my eyes essentially a waste of time until you hit the level cap of 30. What is there to do in the Dark Zone? Well it is filled with dangerous NPC's, and enemy rogue agents. Once you hit level 30, you can run into level 32 elites in DZ06 and DZ05. Do you dare go there? However with the greater risks also come the great rewards with the chances of running into a named NPC elite enemy high, the chances of getting a high end drop are also greatly increased. Not to mention his minions that will flank and cut you down as quick as you can spot them, it is highly recommended that you hit the DZ with a group to avoid your venture ending in disaster.

So with that we reach the final piece of the end game puzzle, Incursions. Not much is known just yet about incursions but what we do know is that it will go live some time in April and will be free for all platforms. Incursions are set to bring in a new set of challenges for agents and their trusty fireteams.

One complaint I would have to note is that like most new release games the first paid expansion will be available first only on Xbox. Which really grinds my gears as I feel a little ripped off for owning the season pass. What happened to the days where we were all treated as equal? A game hyped as much as The Division should not be sold out to the company who is throwing money in their face.

In conclusion if you are sitting on the fence about getting The Division because you feel there may be a lack of end game content, do not worry your pretty little cotton socks as I am sure you can find many hours of enjoyment after you finished the story.

Cheers for reading guys! 

Zachary Weeks

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