Fallout 4 DLC: Automatron

So the value for money that you get here with Fallout 4's first DLC drop depends on when you purchased it. If you managed to pick up the Season Pass before the price hike then you're obviously going to be getting the best bang for your buck. For reference sake the Season Pass price was original set at a hair under $50. Now, for those slower off the blocks, you're looking at $75.95 for all DLC content. If you're note made of money, or interested in spending more on extra content than you likely did for the whole game, then you can pick up the Automatron DLC on its own for $14.95.

So what's it about. You play as you, just like in the normal game and when you boot the game for the first time after buying the DLC (assuming the update is downloaded and installed) you will notice that there's a distress call being picked up by your Pip Boy called "Caravan Distress Call". You can listen to this call from anywhere in the map. Once you listen to the call the first mission/quest will kick off which is called "Mechanical Menace".

Essentially you this is where you will start to meet some very important robots and the story will start to unfold. I won't touch the story much here so there will be no spoilers. Let me say this though, the story is worthy of a play through if nothing else. It's pretty good.

So this DLC brings with it a pretty decent story line, along with the ability to build your own robots. This ability will come to you within natural progression of the DLC storyline. The DLC is going to set you back probably about two hours at most, depending on your difficulty settings. Some of the enemies in this game as beasts. New guns will become available to you to find and some of them are pretty cool. My personal favourite is the severed robot head.

It's not a massive DLC when the story is concerned, but the added parts to the game play allow you to tinker with robots for a few more hours. New locations and characters are also put into the mix and also without spoiling anything, you might just score yourself a new companion...maybe.

So as far as DLC is concerned, I have definitely played worse, but it's a definite starting point and I really do hope that subsequent DLC drops for Fallout 4 come with more story based game play that will tell a deeper story for a little longer.

Is it worth the $14.95, yeah definitely. DLC like this could have easily been priced a lot higher, but the price we've been given is totally reasonable. Good work Bethesda.

As I have access to the Season Pass, I will be back with more coverage as they drop. Thanks for reading. In the mean time, check out THIS POST which covers the current and coming soon DLC for Fallout 4.

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