Fallout 4 a Survivalists Tale - Day 2

Day 7
Day 2 Establishing the Perimeter

This day we start by seeking out as much Glowing Fungus as we can find, this hidden commodity forms an intricate part of our medical supplies, without it we're completely reliant upon chance to come across something as simple as antibiotics.

I still need a cure for this retched illness racking my body and sapping my health.

With the Fungus we were able to manufacture some antibiotics, the pain has left my body finally and with a few left over I can be sure to cure myself should I fall ill once more.

We strike out from the Starlight Drive-in, traveling due north. We'll secure this eastern perimeter and uproot any raider presence between here and Sanctuary.

A short way up the old tracks we found some locked up Power Armour, we're in no way equipped to cut this thing out, nor are we crafty enough to break that damn terminal, we'll have to move on without it.

Tenpines Bluff, what a miserable little place, circus folk, small hands, smell like cabbage....ehhh, Turns out they've been subject to a few raids from a gang at the old Corvega Plant, and it seems their willing to turn over their land if we put an end to the raiders...time to expand the boarders once more.

We got on down to Lexington, and these damn gouls popped out from nowhere, I bloody well near shat my pants, luckily an old vehicle took a stray shot and blew them to peices, had to fix up Dogmeat though, he wasn't fairing so well after the explosion, he'll recover.

Finally we reached Corvega Assembly Plant, yep this place is home to one of them gangs raiding Tenpines Bluff, they've even got some security systems online. First order is to secure their entry so we have an avenue of retreat then we can head inside, remember, fight on our terms.

HA, we managed to catch a few of their boys napping, they didnt know what hit them. We searched around a little once the area was secured, I cant believe there were gears still laying around the place, we could really use these back home. Time to get back to the Bluff and take that land.

The settlers of the bluff are now under our protection, we've secured their defenses and built a tower to attract more people to the settlement, this will be our frontier, not worth developing at the moment but when we push forward this may become an important way point.

We found an old quarry nearby, one of the settlers needed some help to get the pumps going, well all we managed to achieve is to piss of a bunch of rooted Mirelurks, damn I hate those hard headed beasts, they scare the shit out of me every time i hear their skittering footsteps.

We just got back to Red Rocket Fuel Station and the settlement was attacked by super mutants, we'll have to sure up the defenses, we got lucky this time, if that suicider had gotten to our crops this outpost would have been finished.

We've run supplies from Red Rocket to Sanctuary, Preston has graciously accepted my invitation to act as my personal guard, he doesn't really understand what we are doing out here, he is deluded into thinking our expansion is some act of compassion not conquest, he will learn, worst case he takes a few shells if he becomes an impediment.

This radiation is starting to take its toll,thankfully we ran into Trashcan Carla, geeze didn't she charge a bundle for radaway, we lost near three quarters of our food crop and most of our water just for 3 radaways. We cant let this vulnerability continue, once this area is secured old Trashcan Carla might be forced into early retirement.We need to find some more trade, we've received rumor Vault 81 to the south is interested in trade.

What a waste of time, 3 Fusion Cores and we have access to what, some trader with nothing worth trading, this was a bad deal and the entry fee just wasnt worth it. If it turns out of no further use I say we clean out this vault, they dont deserve such protection.

We should get over to Hangmans Alley and secure that position, then onto Diamond city to trade, see if we can source some Armour and weapons, time for an upgrade then we head west.

Sunshine Tidings... gouls and roaches... still this is a good location for our southern perimeter and will give a good grounding to secure our territory, not much between here and Greygarden though. We'd best make our way north to Abernathy, we'll steal one of the farm hands to run supplies to the co-op.

Finally, we've gathered the knowledge to start posting Doctors in our settlements, this should start to generate some interest in coming to the confederacy, this will also give us some better local trade opportunities, we'd best start collecting more materials so every settlement can take care of their own wounded and sick. Back to Sanctuary and we'll regroup there.

We've taken what was left of our surplus down to Trudy at the diner, did a little searching around her shop and got attacked by a giant red bug, look I panicked but really... that buzzing sound and the stings...who wouldn't loose a few shot. We'll at least we had some good luck, nearby was an old cache of equipment, time to haul this in and call it a day.

Day 7
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