Fallout 4 a Survivalists Tale - Day 1

Welcome to the world of Fallout that I have always wanted to play, Survival difficulty!!!

For those that are unfamiliar its a difficulty that rewrites the way you play Fallout, you do increased damage but so do your enemies, so its a lot more realistic in that a few shots can kill you as you can kill with less shots too. One of the most significant changes is that you cant save when ever you like, the only way to do so is with a bed, so go out into the wastes at your own peril!!!

Now a great deal of criticism has been leveled at this beta including some really casual comments regarding the removal of fast travel. Let me say there has never been a reason for fast travel in Fallout or the Elder Scrolls games, if you've played Morrowind you know what I mean. It reduces the grandiose scale of the world and significantly limits your exploration and ability to search.

People will again say well don't use fast travel if you don't like it but that's not the point of the game, a game provides boundaries in which to perform and some of us strive to survive within those constraints, the limitation and stress imposed on the character are the adversity we must overcome, this is why we play!

And a final word for those bitching about the difficulty of this survival difficulty let me say its not built for you, its built for people like me who like to play Metal Gear on European Extreme, we are a niche group who enjoy difficulty and challenge, so final word to the nay sayers "GO AWAY YOU FILTHY CASUAL"

I will be keeping a travelers journal of my adventure through the wastes as I play each day (RL). I invite you to comment on my travels, let me know any special areas for sightseeing or a not so well known bed location.

Day 7

Day 1 Establishing a foothold

Usual kleptomania aside the first thought on my mind is to take advantage of the river running through Sanctuary Hills,  a cheap source of income, and satiate that thirst that's sure to come in this barren world.

I want to establish a good logistics chain as soon as possible but that means feeding people, recruiting them and eventually I'll have to travel south to obtain some mutfruit, We'll also need somewhere to house people, better get started on some kind of shelter then get a radio tower up.

I hadn't realized just how debilitating the lack of sleep, food and water could bring, my dexterity is dimishing  from dehydration, its time to move on south and see what we can find. The Red Rocket Fuel Station is our first port of call to find a trusty companion for the road.

Still dehydrated, health still slowly deteriorating, I hope those pumps will yield some water by the time we return else this could be a really short story...

 RAGSTAG....never have i been so excited to see ragstag, time for a cooked meal!!

Ran into the Abernathy farmers to the south west, they are awfully friendly, letting me take all their tato's without a word, time to head back and get some water...hmmm an old caravan, lets check for some loot.

OH Hell YES!!!, MUTFRUIT!!! this will save us the trip south and we can get started a lot sooner than I had hoped!! Time to get back and rest.

Eh, nearly home haven't come across anything too difficult, looks like everything will be fine!! Few hours in the wastes and time to get home and rest.

 Phew got home safe, fed, watered, slept, traded all my unwanted to Trashcan Carla who was in town, stocked up on Shotgun shells and 308's, here's hoping I have enough.

Settlers are starting to come in and here's hoping we don't have too many supply problems from here on in, time to push out and secure the Red Rocket Truck Stop, then onto the Starlight Drive-In, from there we should have a good basis to begin our journey towards Diamond City for better trade opportunities.

Red Rocket secured but we need a radio tower and crystal are in short supply. We'll head south past Concord and see what trade opportunities we might find. Time to take on those big shots harassing the Diner Trader.

Great, now to clear out Concord so we have a clear path between our settlements and the Diner for trade, walking time is def  factor,on top of that I need to get some better range with this 308, time to return to base and re calibrate our equipment


A mishap on the trail, the raider popped up from a hidden campfire nearby, I think he was conducting some kind of ritual but as I turned he opened fire, losing another of the crew...no time to waste thinking on it, we need to retrace our steps and take this wasteland as ours.

Things seem to be going well at Sanctuary, time to sure up the settlement at the Rocket and proceed to expand at the Starlight Drive-In.

Ridding the Drive-In of those filthy Mole rats wasn't too taxing, the Rabid Mole Rat sure took me by surprise though, we should start to anticipate stronger opponents from here on in. We need to extend the supply line down from Red Rocket and get established, this will be an ideal location from which to strike out and reach Diamond City. We need to get there as soon as possible especially with this sickness I've picked up, every few minutes my health diminishes as the infection spreads through my system...without a cure....I'll just have to patch myself up as I go.

But before that...we travel to the City Hall of Concord and deliver some wasteland justice to some raiders....and steal their loot of course.
Building secured...a group held up on the top floor asked for my assistance, I'm thinking they would be a nice addition to my resources in Sanctuary...I'll offer them protection as long as they work...Time to bust our way out of this place. 
Bandits down and Death Claw declawed...time to get these people to work....safety...get them to safety....

Lets make tracks for the Diner and sell off some of the Bandits gear, wait a minute....Dogmeat what happened to you?


We get the trade done, got a good 1000caps laying around and enough shells and 308's to last us awhile....no news on an antidote for this sickness though and I've been cutting into our supplies just to keep alive. Its time to extend our reach to the south, we'll head for the river, get to Grey Garden, perhaps they can offer aid.

No luck at Grey Garden, but those trustworthy robots have a few less corn on the cobs to worry themselves about....I cant believe how I can steal food, the life supply of the region but if I touch a derelict screwdriver everyone over reacts and starts shooting. My gain....their loss.

Abernathy Farm has offered to join our confederacy, alls they require is a locket. Abernathy said something about a child now lost to him, but every Wastelander has their troubles and if this is the road to securing my peoples safety then so be it, a locket for you land Abernathy....North from the Drive-In we'll find what we need.

GOULS!!!! the old tracks have led us right into the middle of an infestation, filthy mud ridden Gouls!!!

We've taken several losses in securing the old Railway Station at Bedford, its a shame really, no strategic value or supplies worth speaking of, Abernathy had best keep a good crop to make this worth my while.

We've come across a Satellite dish, our intell says this should be the place to secure the locket, not very well defended given the height. They were pretty inventive though, strapping that mud rudding rat with proximity mines, crafty I'll give them that. Lets get inside...

More men lost on account of that chain gun wielding wastlander, I'd bury that gun up his damn arse if dogmeat hadn't already taken to his corpse. that dogs got spirit....Locket secured...ok Abernathy your farm is now apart of my empire.....

Abernathy, Sanctuary, Red Rocket and the Drive-In all now secured and settled with supply lines running between them. Soon our dominion over the wasteland will be known across the commonwealth, for good or ill this quest started for survival now....now it is all I have.

Day 7
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