God of War 4 Leaks Legit or Not?

So far the God of War 4 alleged leaks are about as confirmed as the above 'Just Do It!' version of GOW, but they're interesting to say the least.

Industry insider Shinobi602 who's brought us other leaks and gaming premonitions in the past had tweeted this a short time ago:

Not long after Shinobis tweet NerdLeaks flooded images onto the web giving us a look at apparent concept arts for the game that's seemingly presenting a Nordic theme including environments, buildings, great halls and of course Kratos himself. Kratos however seems a bit off for me, with a bushy beard, pants (for once), an axe, which would more likely be there to stick to a more Nordic theme and even possibly a differently shaped head which leads me to question the leaked images legitimacy and whether this is indeed our angry yet beloved Kratos, or another similarly tattooed protagonist.

In one of the pictures using Kratos as a scale for some plants it does refer to the character as Kratos, but I guess only time will tell. Have a look at a few of the images below and you can see the full arsenal here on NeoGAF.

You be the judge on the new look, new scenery and whether you think Kratos should cancel his holiday plans to Scandinavia.

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