CONFLICT: Free Update 1.2 for The Division

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 Stop what you're doing and check this out. If you're in love with Tom Clancy's: The Division then you need to know about this. Free update 1.2 details have been announced. Details below:


In Columbus Circle, Rikers have seized one of the anti-aircraft sites that have been left to waste by the Last Man Battalion (LMB). Now, they control the entire Manhattan airspace and are taking possession of our supply drops. Take back the area.

High Value Targets
Faction leaders are taking over the city, find out their whereabouts to neutralize them. You know what this means. Big bosses, and even bigger loot drops. Say it with me people, "YES PLEASE".

DARK ZONE: Hijack Extractions

Interrupt ongoing extractions by severing the rope to have all of the loot drop to the ground. Protect your loot at all costs. Just when you thought the Dark Zone couldn't get any harder, your loot can now be stolen after it has been placed on the chopper's drop rope for extraction. I wonder if doing this will send you Rogue?

DARK ZONE: Sealed Caches
Named enemies in the Dark Zone can now drop Sealed Caches that contain mystery items.

Continue your agent's journey with "Conflict", The Division Update 1.2. Learn about the new incursion Clear Sky, new activities deepening your Dark Zone experiences, new features and new items that will enable you to make your Agent more powerful than ever!

Lucas Aurelius
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