Fallout 4 a Survivalists Tale - Day 3

Day 7 

We're in a situation where we need a little more firepower, Arturo in Diamond City is the one to speak with, unfortunately he had nothing to offer but a combat rifle, we'll take it for now and start hoarding .45 ammunition.

The expansion at Hangmans Ally can wait, I'm more interested in pushing west. We'll head out soon scavenging what we can between Diamond City and Oberland Station.

Huh seems someone tried to open a shop out here, didnt end well for her it seems, still a find is a find and these caps will feed my people.

Drop off at Oberland Station, things are settling here, this is the frontier for our little confederacy, we’ll start moving down the power armor units we encounter and stage them here, then a unit to the south.

For now lets clear the area between our southern and eastern boarders, every derelict house, every factory, clear it and clean it out.

Jalbert Brothers Disposal, infested with damn Mole Rats, seems them Child of the Atom screwballs from the Capital Wastes made their way here, didn’t last long it seems


The Drive-in, Abernathy and Sanctuary are earning their keep, few more stragglers come in each day, I wont have much time for these settlements now we’re pushing into the wastes, 

Wicked Shipping Warehouse has been cleared, nothing of real note a few ghouls,

Ran into some characters charging a price to use my bridge

Sunshine Tidings Co-op cleared and secured – nothing of special note time to move south.

Those damn GUNNER on the south bank of the co-op need to go, I want them dead tonight, this rain better be dripping with their blood by the time I want to move south in the morning. 

Federal ration stockpile – Raiders eliminated and area cleared
Gunners outpost – SW of the Diner eliminated

Gift Shop Basement – Raiders Eliminated area cleared

Supa Dupa Mart Cleared, I hate gouls...
Time to swing back through the settlements, upgrade what we can, we're still getting a few raiding parties up at Red Rocket.  

Red Rocket Fuel Station came under fire again, Super Mutants, area secured and settlement upgraded

Ran into a brotherhood of Steel lacky, seems he's hiring on help to get his crew out of trouble, we saved his skin from the Ghouls but we're not interested in taking on this job just yet, he can wait.  

Bridge south of Lexington secured, damn raiders had themselves some power armor, didnt seem to matter though huhu.

Time to haul in to Arturo and rest up at the ally, we've secured everything inside of our perimeter and have clear passage between all settlements for the most part. We have plenty of supplies to get around, survival is no longer a concern, rather the expansion of territory.

Day 7
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