Fallout 4 a Survivalists Tale - Day 4

Day 7 

Day 4- Short and Sweet 
Just east of Oberland Station, a ship! 

An Alien!!!! But more importantly Glowing fungus!!!! I can cure this damn infection once more.


I gave Preston the Aliens gun, hopefully he can put it to use instead of that old musket.


Vegetable starch is no longer a scarce commodity, with all the crops we have now, making adhesive wont be a problem.

Defenses have been bolstered at Oberland Station, but I don’t like that super mutant camp to the west over the river, time to take it out. We can also look at freeing that water supply for Greygarden.

Ha, those Super Mutants sure make it easy carrying around those mini nukes.

Mirelurks!!!! Why did it have to be Mirelurks!!! Nothing sends the men running like these burrowing beasts, scare the shit out of you when they pop up unannounced. 

Water supply secured, time for these robots to hand over their land and fall in with the other settlements.

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