Fallout 4 a Survivalists Tale - Day 5

Day 5 - Fort Hagen and the Blood Bank

Rested up at Oberland Station and now its time to scavenge up the Super Mutant base over near the water treatment plant we cleared out yesterday, there was plenty of scrap and lots of aluminum, we need that desperately. 

Oberland is properly stocked now time to head north. We found the hauty Fiddler Green Trailer Estates, I smelt Ghouls….


We had to get to higher ground.


Area secured and scavenged, found some odd tapes and a power armor suit!! We’ll get this to Oberlands asap… I’ve caught some infection again…this is getting laborious. 

Continued west to Fort Hagen, plenty of loot to scavenge,

Those damn blood suckers over near the blood bank took a few of us down, I hate bugs!!! 

That’s enough for today, we lost over 10 men taking that damn blood bank, I need a break.

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