Fallout 4 a Survivalists Tale - Day 7

Day 7 - The deep south west

Stuck down south after a terrible trip down, I’ve got 7 shots left in the shotgun. We need a new outpost down here pronto!!.
For christ sake another Deathclaw!!! 

Cleared out a small nest of raiders to the north of this town, and collected on another power armor suit.

Kept looking west trying to find another place to make a settlement, found nothing but trouble, then lost another couple of men to a Behemoth!!!

 Found an assaultron linked up to a terminal at the hobbyist shop

Finally made it back to Oberon Station and setup a nearby radio tower.
I doubled back and got those other power armor suits. Got quite a collection going at Oberland Station. Now to continued the southern exploration, still no sign of any viable outpost

Found an albino ragstag
Ran into some synths and super mutants at the Coast Guard Pier, the vertibird held a key but to what stash?

Egret Tours Marina, ran into Psyllis, some crazy old bird, soon enough she cozied up to me and handed over her land, good choice, I was just going to shoot her.

I’ve returned to the north and done a run of all the settlements, regrouping and resupplying where i could, got a supply line to the marina. Now to plant the seeds of a town, this will be our new southern boarder.

Scavenged all settlements and returned to the marina with upgraded weapons and armor, power armor has also been upgraded to the best of my ability. Time to rest.    

Day 7
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