Fallout 4 a Survivalists Tale - Day 8

Day 8 Find a Detective

The first thing we’re going after is more aluminum, we need 7 to make a suppressor for the shotgun, then Diamond city to find Shaun.to the north east of the marina is a hospital, surely there would be trays all over that place.

You‘d think a hospital would be littered with ally trays….no…I've searched all over this place and nothing
Really Preston…stop dropping from things
 Firearms ready and ammo stocked

Decided to take on a job we need to locate a detective, some small change in it for us but I feel this will lead to bigger things. 

The opposition are supposed to be some swindling fedora wearing goons, sounds like easy money and it’ll get us out of the wastes for a while.   

Ran into the mob boss of this fedora gang, quick fingers rather than a quick tongue is what I always say.

Valentine, the Detective we rescued, gave us a heads up on one of the heavy hitters in our area, we’d best go introduce ourselves and ensure they understand who’s land they are on. They are up at Fort Hagen, a man named Kellog. 

Fort HAGEN, This prick is too well entrenched in our territory, fucking synths!!!, they’ve taken out 5 of my men just trying to get down off the rooftop. 

Them synths have put up an incredible fight, I’ve lost count of how many I’ve lost to them already,
Thank god for these bunks, we’ll hold up here for a few hours and get some rest, Kellogg is really enjoying his smug rant on the speakers, he will get his, he can be sure of it.
I buried Kellogg, seems he had some leads on how to find the institute, the wasteland boogyman, something to pass onto our detective friend, you never know if might lead us somewhere.
We finally get to see some sky and its filled by the biggest god damn thing I ever saw...

Nicks got a lead on a new town that may be of some use to us... Goodneighbour…
Caught a cold while I was getting to goodneighbour, nearly bought it whilst I was in the damn dream lab.
Double back to oberland and take some power armour south to get into the radiated south west. I’ve been given a job to find a scientist, should be some good grub in it for us as well. 

We’ll head down south to the Marina to suit up, 
 I’ve had my eye on a gunner outpost just south of the marina,

Just as I was approaching the gunners plaza a ghoul comes out from under a train and bam, he had this shotgun on him like nothing I’ve seen, we need to get this baby into action!!
This shotgun needs some ally asap, time to scrounge!
Went back to Fort Hagen to scrape up some ally, time to head through the settlements buying and sellin then some rest.  

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