Letter Quest Remastered, More Than a Mobile Port?

Letter Quest is a remastered version of the free to play mobile game. So for the price tag of $14.95, is it really worth it?

Letter Quest is a turn based RPG puzzle game of sorts that has been brought across from the mobile marketplace to Playstation 4 (PS Vita), Xbox One, and PC; it has been remastered and brought to us by Bacon Bandit Games. Until just the other day I had no idea that this game even existed yet alone even thought about playing it, however I am now glad that I have.

Letter Quest mixes RPG elements with turn based combat based on a scrabble board of sorts. When your hero GRIMM runs into trouble, a scrabble board will appear below you in the HUD (Heads Up Display). When the letters appear below, you must create a word using the tiles you have been given. It works much like scrabble in that using tiles such as Z, or X or Q will provide GRIMM with more damage to deal. During the latter stages of the game you will be handed tiles that will buff GRIMM’s attacks and ones that will hamper your efforts to slay your enemies before you. These keep the game interesting and prevent it from becoming relatively too easy or repetitive. These include, a whirlwind tile that will change after every turn, a poison tile that will harm the player when used, plague tiles that will not do any damage when used and if they aren't used will spread to the adjacent tiles. There is more than enough here to always keep the player on their toes and thinking on their feet.

Upon moving through the game you will be able to find gems which are dropped by monsters that you defeat or find at the end of a level and by completing specific quests that are assigned to you. These gems can then be used to purchase upgrades in the shop such as more health, damage, armour, weapons etc. You can also buy potions to help you get through some of those longer levels as there is no way to dodge attacks.

Ultimately there is no real story to follow other than GRIMM and ROSE who just want a pizza and seem to have everyone standing in their way. With multiple challenges for every stage, the game offers much incentive to go back and get those gems for completing those mission specific challenges which, believe me you will need.

Letter Quest is perfect for those who have a Vita and are looking to kill a bit of time while you're waiting for an appointment or whether you are lying in bed late at night and can't sleep, and better yet features cross save support so you can pick up where you left off whether on the PS4 or Vita.

All up if you are stuck with nothing to play or you are just looking for a little indie title to play while you take a break from that game that just seems to be driving you crazy trying to complete, then this is a title worth picking up. However if you are not a fan of turn based combat and scrabble like mechanics then I would probably steer clear. So there you have it, short and sweet but in essence there is not much to say other than, thank you for reading and for more game reviews and all the latest gaming news, keep tuned to Aussie Gamers Express.


Zachary Weeks

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