New Xbox One Consoles on the Horizon

"Does a new console this early in the life of a generation mean that their owners are admitting they cut corners and stuffed it up?"

It looks like Microsoft are getting ready to announce an Xbox One console upgrade or revision model along with some new streaming services, and a new controller. This kind of talk is not new and isn't exclusive to Microsoft's console. It wasn't so long ago that rumours started making the rounds about the Playstation 4.5 or the PS4K as it was affectionately labelled. 

The expectation at this time is that Microsoft will unveil some new hardware at E3 in June this year, but this may or may not be the case. It appears that the information that is running rife over the internet is mere speculation or educated guesses at best. Microsoft are yet to confirm any of this information.

Several sources over the internet including Polygon and Kotaku have stated that their sources have said that there will be two consoles coming soon. One of which is a slim version of the current model of Xbox One which is something that I can believe very easily. The second one is claimed to be a system that is at least 4x more powerful than the current Xbox One. One story goes as far as to state that project "Scorpio" will have 6 Teraflops of processing power as opposed to the current 1.32 of the current model.

Every time I hear talk of new PS4 systems and faster better Xbox One's, I can't help but think "does a new console this early in the life of a generation mean that their owners are admitting they cut corners and stuffed it up?" These consoles that we have a leaps and bounds more advanced than the consoles they replaced and that is testament to the lifespan that those older consoles had. To upgrade them so soon is not only telling us that your current console isn't up to the job, but it's also telling us that they're no longer willing to push the hardware to the limit like they did in the last generation.

I think there's too much focus on making games run smoother and at higher resolutions, that there is on making great games. Games like The Last of Us, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, Uncharted 4, Grand Theft Auto and even the likes of smaller indie titles, show us that there's enough power there to make great games so we don't really need to push on with new consoles just yet. Just in case the argument of VR comes into it, well we don't even know if that's going to be any good. Sure it's fun, but so was Kinect when it launched too.

Everything is moving too fast here and it's going to end up costing the end user a lot of money, and probably send some companies broke. That's my take on the way things appear to be going, hit us up with your opinions, sure they have to be strong one way or another.

Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express

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