Cross Platform Windows 10 - Xbox One

About two years ago I bought my first Xbox one. When someone like myself decides to purchase an Xbox One for the exclusives it is a big step and means that Microsoft as a company was heading in the right direction. Now let's get one thing straight, I own a relatively high end PC, a PS4 and an Xbox One.

After about 6 months and the Xbox One I had purchased being used only a handful of times I decided that it was no longer needed and I sold it. Yet here about 6 months ago a friend of mine convinced me that I needed another one so we could play Halo together. I thought hey, why not, there are plenty of good exclusives out for Xbox at the moment and those that are coming in the future. So I bit the bullet and I went and purchased a new Xbox One. Now I must admit that this second time around it has gotten a lot more love, I even managed to finish the first Halo and get halfway through the second and I have recently started Dead Rising 3 in anticipation for Dead Rising 4 although from most things I have read they are not going to be directly linked.

Here is where my problem lays. After Microsoft's E3 conference I was left scratching my head and also feeling a little let down, and that I am now out of pocket for owning an Xbox. Why you might ask? Well here it is.

With all Microsoft exclusives coming in the future they will be available on both Xbox One and PC. So now, I have an Xbox One that has basically become redundant because my PC will not only be able to give me a better frame rate, but also a better resolution. So why would I play the Xbox One when the logical choice would be to play on PC? I just feel a little let down in the fact that I forked out money for this Xbox purely and simply for the exclusives. Which in Microsoft's case now, is basically dead. There is no reason for anyone to own an Xbox if they have a half decent PC rig that would run most of these games.

It will be interesting to see how this affects the Xbox One sale figures as if you own a PC, there is no need to buy an Xbox One, or if you have a PlayStation 4. The logical choice would be to save your coin and build a budget PC for that little bit extra and enjoy better frame rates and resolutions.

But with no "console" exclusives coming to Xbox now, it makes it hard for me to see where the company's console goes from here. Sure you have the Xbox One S, and "Scorpio" in the works, and if they are well priced, then sure, it may be a better investment than a PC, but with the game range available to the PC compared to consoles, logic would suggest that investing in a PC would mean that you wont have a need for your Xbox One anymore.

Cheers for reading my rant!


Zachary Weeks

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