Done To Death: Life Goes On - Review

From Infinite Monkeys Entertainment I present to you Done to Death: Life Goes On (DTD) which I had the giggly pleasure of playing on the Playstation 4. In a nutshell DTD is a morbidly macabre puzzle solver where your best friend is the sacrifice of a fellow Knight. You are a Knight tasked with the honour of retrieving the Holy Grail for your king and in order to do this you must overcome some very dastardly and dangerous levels spattered with death traps.

With a price point of $14.99 currently on the PSN and just under a 500MB download, you are getting quite a bang for a few bucks and a very limited amount of bandwidth. DTD in my opinion is classified as a chill out game, with so many titles these days demanding 100's of hours, DTD is something that is good for relaxation. Now you might have the opinion by my previous statement that this game is a walk in the park but by no means is it that. We are met almost instantly with challenges that will test the best of them and very little tutorial to speak of. So the responsibility falls on the player to begin sacrificing little knights and eventually work out how to get from start to finish.

Is it wrong to say that sacrificing digital life has never been so much fun? Due to the various different requirements to solve each puzzle there are many different ways the sacrifice can be useful, impaling a knight on a wall of spikes results in a human ladder that the next knight can use in order to progress. Another example is a Knight can be used as a human bridge over a spike pit and often a death is required in order for a pressure plate to remain active, that gives whole new meaning to dead weight. It is all the mentioned methods and many more that are delivered with tasteful humour that makes the trial and error all the more worthwhile.

To bring DTD full circle is the fact each level has a par if you will. There is a minimum number of sacrifices and a time limit to try and achieve for the true completionists out there. Take it from me this is by far the greatest difficulty in the game. It has a Trials Fusion feel to it, by this I mean after you have worked out the most efficient method of completing a level you have to then execute it with absolute precision. As frustrating as this can sound it is by no means a detraction from the game and if anything, it adds an extra facet making it appealing to the hard core and casual gamer alike.

For such a small download DTD can boast some very simplistically beautiful graphics and an audio composition to match. A game with such a direct forward approach and style of game play it has me scratching my head at what else I can say to highlight just how much fun I had with it so I will be sure to enhance with a lot of visual stimuli throughout this review. DTD has what every Indie game needs and that is a hook in its gameplay that can keep you coming back and enjoying it. I would love to hear your thoughts on this simple but complex puzzle, so head across to our Facebook page and drop a like and have your opinion. 

  • A laugh a minute
  • Challenging but rewarding
  • Enjoyable solid gameplay mechanics

  • Umm...
  • Ahh...
  • Yep..
SCORE: 9 out of 10

Platforms: PS4, PC/Steam
Genre: Platform puzzler
Initial Release: 16th of May 2016
Developer: Infinite Monkeys Entertainment
Publisher: Infinite Monkeys Entertainment


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