E3 Day One: Bethesda

Looking for the run down on the 2016 E3 Press Conference? Look no further.

AGE has collected all the major pieces of info for you right here along with easy links to watch the show for yourself.

Join us for the lowdown on Bethesda's new and upcoming releases...

Quake Champions

Dishonoured 2

Elder Scrolls Legends (card game)

Skyrim Special Edition (Next Gen console remaster)- mods come to console and include “Friendly Dragon” mod

Fallout 4 updates- (Aug 2016) includes build your own vault, gun rack, and more

Prey (Arkane Studios)- 2017, console and pc

DOOM snap map updates incl single player for player builds

-        Unto the Evil DLC, multiplayer

-        Free first level play on steam and console this weekend only

ESO spreads to Japan June 23rd

-        Dark brotherhood DLC this week

-        One Tamriel, no level restrictions, post tutorial all players can play all content (this fall)

Bethesda VR- DOOM, Fallout 4

Fallout 4 on HTC VIVE platform

Dishonoured 2—Void Engine. “Supernatural assassin in a steampunk world”. Builds on original story finding out what has happened to Emily.

-        Domino ability for Emily creates simultaneous effects of attack on one enemy.

-        Shard allows swift transport between past and present.

Console and PC- Nov 11, 2016

Limited edition will be released

Preorder will include Dishonoured: Definitive Edition.

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