E3 Day One: EA

Looking for the run down on the 2016 E3 Press Conference? Look no further.

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Join us for the lowdown on EA's new and upcoming releases...

EA showcases live satellite link with London E3 EA Conference

Titanfall 2

-        Multiplayer receives plenty of updates and links between pilots and titans is strengthened.

-        Single Player campaign announced- goes into detail on this new found connection.

-        Oct 28, 2016

Madden NFL 17

-        PS4 and XB1

-        New Franchise Mode

Competition gaming with EA Play: Challenge Events, Premier Events and EA Major Events listed as new ways to play

Mass Effect: Andromeda

EA Play updates and free to play vault for PC, console and mobile.


-        Story mode

-        Sept 2016

EA Originals Program


-        Independent exploration

-        Musical communication

-        Defend the forest from the Silent Ones

Star Wars

-        Already existing: Galaxy of Heroes, the Old Republic, and Battlefront.

-        Upcoming next year: DICE and Motive building onto Battlefront

-        2018: New action/adventure original narrative game from Visceral.

-        Future: Respawn Entertainment working on new Star Wars era game

Battlefield 1

-        Running on Frostbite Engine

-        Intuitive and natural damage

-        Dynamic weather

-        Variety of weapons and vehicles including the behemoths- airships, armoured trains and battleships

-        Oct 21st, 2016


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