E3 Day Two: Microsoft

Looking for the run down on the 2016 E3 Press Conference? Look no further.

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Join us for the lowdown on Microsoft's new and upcoming releases...

Xbox One S - $299

-        40% smaller

-        Increased range and textured grip on controller

-        2TB HDD

-        4K HDR hardware

Xbox Play Anywhere- play owned titles on XB1 and Windows 10.

Gears of War 4 to launch with new console Oct 11, 2016- Themed Elite Controller

Killer Instinct- new character, General Raam. Season 3 is play anywhere enabled.

Forza Horizon 3

-        New cars including off-road buggies and even jets are shown.

-        Set in Australia- locations include Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road, Ormiston Gorge, and more.

-        Play Anywhere enabled

-        Coop between Xbox and PC shown to be as easy as a simple join request.

-        Sept 27, 2016


-        Play Anywhere enabled

-        Sept 13, 2016.

Final Fantasy XV

-        Showed “The Trial of Titan” E3 Special Mission

-        Coop style

-        Warp and Blizzard abilities among those shown

-        Sept 30, 2016

The Division: Underground

-        June 28, 2016

Battlefield 1 (also shown at EA)

-        Oct 21, 2016

-        First Access members only- Oct 13th, 2016

Xbox Live

-        Background music

-        Language region independence

-        Cortana voice command system- voice commands available through headset as well as Kinect

-        New “connecting with other players” features include: Clubs, Looking for Group and Arena

Minecraft, introduce Realms

-        Playing with friends enabled even offline

-        Xbox achievements able to be acquired while playing on tablet

-        Brought in to Oculus VR

-        Add ons to Pocket and Win10

-        Console add ons to be released next year

Xbox design lab advertisement shows customisable controllers- colours on covers, buttons and joysticks as well as the ability to add GTs.


-        From the creators of LIMBO- free to play offered for limited time

-        July 29, 2016

Sequence shows a culmination of Independent Developed games which include:

-        Outlast 2

-        Deliver Us The Moon

-        Figment

-        The Culling

-        I Below

-        Everspace

-        Daisy

-        And many more

We Happy Few

-        Fallout style retro look and feel

-        Set in 1964

-        Mime like white painted faces

-        “Joy” tablets are taken by general population

-        Tablets augment reality

-        Not taking tablets shows truth

-        Those who don’t take “joy” are called “Downers”


-        Multiplayer, PC or console

-        Single player campaign

-        Skill based game

-        Sept 2016

-        Register at www.playgwent.com/en for closed beta

Tekken 7

-        Early 2017

-        Free Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for XBL Gold members

GTAV Christmas themed mod packs shown in unexplained trailer

Deadrising 4- no details given, only a promo trailer


-        Coop

-        Fight against beasts together while riding you own dragons and oversized beasts

-        God of War-esque scale during conflict

-        2017

Sea of Thieves

-        Coop team based pirate game play

-        Open world free roaming style

State of Decay 2- 2017

Halo Wars 2

-        Feb 21st, 2017

-        Week long beta available now on XB1

Promo for “future” shows Xbox Project Scorpio

-        6 Ttraflops

-        4K resolution and gaming

-        Enables 60k rendering

-        Virgin Xbox One content will work on the new system

-        Coming Holiday 2017

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