E3 Day Two: Ubisoft

Looking for the run down on the 2016 E3 Press Conference? Look no further.

AGE has collected all the major pieces of info for you right here along with easy links to watch the show for yourself.

Join us for the lowdown on Ubisoft's new and upcoming releases...

Just Dance 2017- All consoles and PC
Ghost Recon Wildlands
-        March 7, 2017
-        4 player coop
South Park- The Fractured But Whole
-        TBS game style prevails but with changes to Time and Space
-        Enemies can sustain environmental damage
-        Powerful attacks in the form of extra potent farts
-        Dec 6th, 2016
The Division
-        Underground recap, PC on June 28th 2016 and PS4 on August 2nd 2016.
-        Survival expansion announced, survival based on limited rations and meagre supplies
-        3 new outfits
Oculus VR
-        Eagle Flight gameplay demo, PVP catcher vs prey (capture the flag)
-        Star Trek Bridgecrew- VR multiplayer experience on board the USS Enterprise
For Honour- 14th Feb 2017
Grow Up
-        Sequel to quirky and cute original starring BUD the robot
-        August 2016 on console and PC
Trials of the Blood Dragon
-        RedLynx’s Trials merges with Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
-        PC, PS4 and XB1
-        Out now
Assassins Creed movie- 21st Dec 2016
Watch Dogs 2
-        Hackers try to free the population from their addictive ties with technology
-        Social environment with other players on map
-        Mention made of potential for a Watch Dogs movie
-        Collector’s Edition available
-        Nov 15, 2016
-        Extreme winter sports including paragliding, snowboarding, skiing and body gliding
-        Based in the mountain range where Sweden, France and Italy meet.
-        Auto cam or go pro cam styles
-        Execute and create challenges
-        Social environment with other players on map
-        Register for beta at http://steep.ubisoft.com/game/en-GB/home/
-        Dec 2016
30 Year Anniversary for Ubisoft


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