Fallout 4 a Survivalists Tale - Day 9, 10, 11

Day 9, 10 & 11

A few days undocumented, weary have we become in keeping accurate records. The wastes are all the same, walk, shoot, heal, sleep...

We've managed to manufacture a processing plant and can now build robots of our own design, 

I relieved my offsider of his duties and sent him back to Sanctuary, this companion is much more suited to the tasks i require. 

 We've acquired significant parts to construct an X generation power armor suit.

Ballistics have been upgraded significantly.

Time to head south into the city ruins to Goodneighbour, 

I haven't been able to coerce their confidence as yet, but I have business there and the surrounding raiders and mutants are proving quite a nuisance.

The Brotherhood of Steel are making themselves well known, good fortune to find them shooting at the raiders and not at us.

We reached our destination, time to find a bed before we run afoul of more drama.


We took on a job that has ended yet to yield further leads to the boogy man of the wastes, the institute. We delivered a precious chip to a bunch of savages living out of a church, now I have to cozy up to them to get more leads.

Eh, now I have to play errand boy for this...organization...time to traverse the wastes back to friendly territory to pick up one of their scouts. I've stopped at Greengarden and will stay here the night, I cant stand these runabout duties....so weary...

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