Mass Effect Books will Fill the Void

Titan Books will be covering off on what events have taken place between the end of Mass Effect 3 and the yet to be released Mass Effect Andromeda with a series of novels. 

'With a new game - Mass Effect: Andromeda - set for release in 2016, the launch of a new series of canonical novels is timely. While earlier Mass Effect games focused on the defense of the Milky Way galaxy, with humans pitted against a race of ruthless mechanical invaders known as the Reapers, the new story will take the game in a dramatic new direction and is set in a new region of space, with a new and deadly enemy.
Titan will publish four unmissable Mass Effect novels, sure to appeal to the game’s huge number of fans. The game Mass Effect has won numerous awards, including Best Story, Best Voice Acting, Best Original Music and, from The New York Times, Game of the Year. The novels will act as prequel and sequels to the events in the games and will become part of the overarching Mass Effect saga. They will focus on key characters and answer the many questions fans have been asking' - Titan Books
So we will be getting four Mass Effect novels with the first one being set for released in August 2016, followed by the second in March 2017, then September 2017 with the final coming out March 2018.

For any fan of the Mass Effect series, these novels will be something worth getting hold of. I am not much of a novel reader but when it comes to things like this, count me in.

Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express
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