PS4.5/NEO Confirmed. No Date. No E3.

     In the late hours late night confirmation arose on the internet that Sony have indeed confirmed the long rumoured PS4.5 or PSNeo (no title has been solidified as yet). This comes as no shock as the rumour has been circulating for some time, especially considering the release of the PlayStation VR later this year which most people seem to think will need or at least benefit from the use of the updated console.

     The new updated console will feature a new updated CPU with 30% more power, a GPU consisting of 36 CU's (compute units) as opposed to 18 and running at 911Mhz instead of 800. Memory size won't change but the speed is greatly increased as the 8GB of GDDR5 that run at 17GB/s now step up to a whopping 218GB/s. For the non-tech savvy types out there (this is includes me) basically what this means is hold onto your butts, she's gonna get crazy.

     With 4K resolution being the new in thing that's what Sony are aiming for. The PS4.5 will run all the same games as PS4 standard and vice versa. The difference is the 4.5 will run games better, smoother and hopefully nicer looking and at some stage will do 4K games.


     The confirmation seems to have come from the financial department of Sony, however they are playing this one out in a strange way by NOT having the new console at the E3 conference in a couple of days. Figure that one out? Hopefully we can get some more details soon!

     Now all we need is a price and a date!

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