Playstation Patent a New Dualshock. PS Neo or Beyond?

A patent for a new Sony controller with extra buttons has been found online. It looks as if Sony are working on an all new iteration for one of their consoles. This was found by NeoGAF user, Kyoufu you can see that the new controller (Pictured below) retains the same basic design and shape as its the Dualshock 4 but with a few key changes.

The start and share buttons have been shifted from the centre to down under the D-pad on the left and the primary button down to the right. The touchpad in the centre has been stretched out to cover the entire central section and two new buttons have been added to the grips.

This should cater better for the competitive gaming markets, working in a similar way to the new Xbox One Elite controllers developed by Microsoft. It will also stop gamers from accidentally pausing games when things are getting a little heated. The increased size of the touch pad will allow for a much easier selection ability and will specifically help developers work with the controller.

Could this be to counter the announcement of the Scorpio? Is this for the PS Neo or something totally different? I am hoping these questions will be answered sooner rather than later to help us all make an educated decision on how to proceed with our investments in to the coming future. All the same there are some very interesting ideas here and I personally don't think they are all bad.



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