A New Hope for Star Wars Games

I, probably like most of you gamers out there, was excited to see a flurry of Star Wars games announced as in the works by multiple different developers at E3 2016. Some of the developers being, Bio-Ware and Visceral. Nothing much has surfaced about these titles since the action packed E3, until now.

While at a Star Wars celebration over the weekend, writer Amy Hennig (former writer on the Uncharted series at Naughty Dog) has shared that she is using some of the same writing techniques that she used when writing at Naughty Dog for this new Star Wars game.

Still no official word has been spoken as to what the story will be about, but with an ex Naughty Dog writer you can only guess how amazing it will be. Hennig's discussion was vague but very interesting. She said the game would be "an original Star Wars story with new characters, locations, tech and creatures".

She continues to say the following. "The process I've been using is really similar to what I did with Uncharted, to be honest. If you're trying to re-create that... pulp action adventure experience, you need to deconstruct the films so you know how to reconstruct them in an interactive context as game-play".

Details on the game are still under lock and key but it sounds like this game has got all the right people working on it and will be a cinematic experience to anyone who plays it. "The end goal is by the time the player has finished playing, they feel like they really did play a Star Wars film". She said.

She continues to expand a little on her technique with the following. "So I've done the same thing for Star wars. What does that mean? It's getting the structure right. It means you have to understand where the breaks fall, where all the obstacles and reversals fall and the set-pieces".

This Star Wars title is still a long way off with its estimated release date to be in 2018, but it is good to hear something about the project and to know that it is in good hands.

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