EA Star Wars Battlefront Getting Offline Mode Update

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront will be getting an update, which will be available next week from July 20.

The latest news from EA and DICE is that the new patch will include an offline game mode which will be called “Skirmish”. The new game mode has been described as being playable offline, either solo or with a split screen co-op partner (console only) for the existing Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron mission maps. Instead of playing against other players online, AI bots will take over as the enemy and there will be two difficulty options for the offline mode. The update is free, and a welcome relief as in recent times it has been hard to find a full game lobby.

Further to the latest patch, the Death Star expansion pack will be available sometime in September however there is still no exact date. This new expansion will include ground and space based maps, new weapons and a new pair of heroes. One of which has been described as “larger than life” which suggests that Chewbacca may finally be making an appearance.

More information on the new expansion and EA’s other Star Wars projects is expected to be revealed during EA’s Star Wars Panel livestream at 4.00am AEST on July 17 at Star Wars Celebration.

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