Furi Review

Step right up, step right up. Do you have the need, the need to fight boss after boss and not have to fight mindless drones in between? Do you have what it takes to hack and slash? If so then this game is for you!

Furi is essentially a boss battle simulator. All I have done so far is battle multi staged bosses with several different mechanics and I love it. Without further ado let's get started with the story.

Much like many games that are known for boss battles, the story is there but it's covered in secrecy. Our protagonist starts off in a cell being tortured by what is called a jailer. You are released shortly after by a mysterious character wearing a mask of some kind of animal. This character is your one and only sense of story, such as who or what the next boss is and why they are there. I get the feeling that he was betrayed because on multiple occasions he speaks as if he knew all of the jailers. All in all you are fighting for both of your freedom on the planet that this prison you are in is orbiting.

After being released from your torturous cell you are tasked with walking at a moderate pace while listening to a strange character tell you what peril will fall upon you in the next boss arena. Once you arrive at the boss you are greeted with a cut-scene that pieces another small portion of the story, and thus the boss battle begins but I will talk about combat and controls shortly. Once you have defeated the boss, more story is given to you as you walk slowly once again to the next boss battle now featuring more battles with a boss and so on and so on. So all in all it is a basic game much like Azura's Wrath but with less Japanese shouting.

The controls in this game are amazingly well made. X = Dodge, Square = Sword attack, O = Parry and Right Stick = Shoot. There are some alterations of these basic controls such as. Hold Square to perform a charged melee attack and holding R2 will perform a charged ranged attack. Using these combat controls, the genius of  Stephen Hawking and the reflexes of a Jedi master you will eventually hack, slash and shoot your way through the multiple health bars and stages of the bosses you will need to fight in order to acquire your freedom.

The art style for this game is a very well made choice. It's borderline cell shaded and some parts of it look hand drawn. Whatever it is I love it, very colorful and makes visual queues for enemy attacks easily detected along with the audio queues.

All in all, there is really not much to this game at the moment but what I have played is definitely worth a play. I am only five bosses in and they have some interestingly new mechanics but I will let you find them out for yourself.

  • Controls are smooth and easily learned
  • A genuine fast moving game of beautiful visuals and intuitive combat
  • Challenging which is positive for those who love challenging games
  • Story is lost really easily
  • Difficulty spikes mid boss fight can leave player deader than dead
SCORE:  8.5 out of 10
  • Platforms: PC and PS4
  • Genre: Twin stick shooter, bullet hell and third person action game
  • Initial Release: July 5th 2016
  • Developer: The Game Bakers
  • Publisher: The Game Bakers
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