Hyper Bounce Blast Review By Iroro

I have had the pleasure of playing Hyper Bounce Blast this past week.
Playing this really reminded me of a crossover between Space Invaders and also Meteor blast.
It was made known from the title screens what is to be expected throughout the game. Bullets, lasers, bosses and grunts.

Throughout playing this title you get used to the techno themed music to the point that you block it all out in order to concentrate. I found this title particularly fun, not because of the music or the vibrant colours but because of the ability to become invulnerable (Something I may be good at). During the play time that I have had, I would get rather far, however I would die at around the same point each time due to many, many lasers, bullets, buzz saws and bosses all at once.

Whilst I am definitely not one of the best players, let alone a good player, I felt like I actually progressed with how the scoring is worked out. The player receives score multipliers based off of how high you jump. In the game you have height multipliers, to reach these multipliers you are able to use one of the various jump boosts that fall from the top. If you cannot reach one of these boosts you can actually wall jump as a little boost. Unfortunately I was unable to get to the bonus level that the information from the Steam store states that Hyper Bounce Blast includes a classic bonus level.

When you select to start the game you then have further options to select and customise the game play to suit your play style. In the most recent patch, online leader boards have been introduced for various game modes. If you have some time to kill and don't want to sink into a story line, just launch this and have a game. Live leader boards have been live since the 7th of June 2016 and there are a lot of very impressive scores on there, are you good enough to be on it?

  • Trophies 
  • Leader board 
  • Controller support 
  • Music score 
  • A bit too many game changing options 
  • No co-operative play 

SCORE: 5.8 out of 10

Platforms: PC

Genre: Indie, Action, Adventure, Platformer, Arcade, Shoot 'Em Up

Initial Release: 27th May 2016

Developer: Flump Studios


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