Nintendo NX: Handheld and Portable

There are a lot of sources reporting that the Nintendo NX will be of a particularly interesting design. Like the image below, the NX will be constructed of a design not too dissimilar to the Wii U, however this time around the NX will be completely portable. You will be able to play high end Nintendo games on the go. That's not that amazing as yet considering the DS exists for this purpose. 

The interesting and cool part of the NX's design is that the two ends of the unit where the buttons are, detach from the main unit to form two NES like controllers for play. Then when you're done playing with your portable screen, you can put it all back together and connect it to your home television and play it like a regular home console.

Eurogamer contacted Nintendo to see if they would comment on this news, however they replied with the usual banter about not being able to comment on rumours at this time. Updates to come when we know more. 

Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express
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