PlayStation VR Space Requirements

With PlayStation VR set to be released later this year, more information on Sony’s first VR Headset has become available. The latest information found is from the release of a user guide that has been found on the PlayStation Asia website.

According to the website, the new VR headset will require around 60 square feet of space and players are recommended to be seated while the VR is in use.The guide also advises that people try out the headset first before purchasing, to see how you feel playing VR.

“PS VR uses 3D vision technology and as there are individual differences in viewing 3D graphics  and feeling wearing VR Headset, please try PS VR at shops or trial events before purchase.”
Other information that can be found on the FAQ section in relation to the new VR, is that people who wear glasses, can still use the headset whilst keeping their glasses on.

The page also explains the Social Screen, Mirroring Mode and Separate Mode. Social Screen will allow users to play with family and friends, while Mirroring Mode projects the same image found on the headset to an external monitor or TV. Separate Mode allows players to play CO-OP using both the VR and TV screens.

A Cinematic Mode is also available which allows players to “enjoy PS4 games, videos and other contents on a big screen created in a virtual space” by creating a big screen “up to 226 inch distant from 2.5m.”

However VR is not for everyone, as the user guide states that “Kids under 12 are not allowed to use VR headsets.”

PlayStation VR is due for release on the 13th of October and is currently priced at $549.00


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