Pokédrone on the way?

Pokémon are everywhere! Quite literally...

We've all heard the stories: dead bodies, public trespassing, collisions and near collisions, one unfortunate fellow whose house was once a church but is now a Pokémon Gym... the list goes on.

And the hiding spots for these often elusive pocket monsters have been located as remotely as the middle of the water?

So what is a Pokémon Hunter to do? Are we that dedicated that we will take a dive just to "catch 'em all?"

Well one Netherlands company has hit back with a resounding "no" to an active lifestyle and midnight swims. TRNDlabs recently posted a video to show their newest brain wave- the Pokémon GO drone, or Pokédrone.

Utilising Wifi, the drone can safely fly out over the water without having to take a dip, making those hard to reach Pokémon all that much easier to find and capture. Using the Pokédrone's GPS and camera instead of your phone's GPS and camera means no fear of a wet or lost mobile device.

'Hooray!' I hear the Hunter's shout. 'Where can I get one already?'

Well don't get too excited just yet. At this point it's just a concept, but TRNDlabs founder Gerard Nieuwenhuis says they are "working round the clock on making this an actual product!"

Of course there are all the boring, but important details such as getting the licencing for use of the Pokémon name. But for all the die hard Poké-Hunters...let's hope this is something we can see sooner rather than later.

"We don't have a licensing agreement, but are actively trying to obtain one," Nieuwenhuis has said. "We already achieved [the ability for the] drone to connect to a phone via Wi Fi and serve as an 'external' camera and GPS for it. Now we have to hack this data into the Pokémon Go app, but we have to admit that this will be difficult without cooperation from the Pokémon Company."

With a rumoured price tag of $69, this little beauty will 'fly' off shelves. But even if it never becomes a reality, there is certainly some amazing hype going on.


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