Pokémon GO - Gotta Rob them All

Unfortunately we live in a world where information is not only easily accessed by law abiding citizens, but also by the crooks. Pokémon GO is taking over the world and the baddies out there are very aware of this.

If you aren't aware, Pokémon GO is a new mobile phone game that requires players to look around in physical geological locations in order to find all of the Pokémon on offer. This means that you will need to go to places that you wouldn't normally go, including dark, seedy underworld areas that only the wrinkliest leather faced crooks would dare go during the day, let alone in the dark.

Pokémon GO players have been seen gathering in huddles at night time around Pokémon GO gyms and PokéStops playing their newest favourite game. The dangerous part is that they're also going it alone in order to get that rare Pokémon that they desire.

There have been many cases around the world already, but specifically in western Sydney, the problem hasn't been any less. One incident at a Hungry Jacks in the suburbs of western Sydney saw an armed robbery take place when a window of opportunity presented itself for the criminal.

This particular Hungry Jack's store was closed for the night and the last remaining manager had locked up the doors to continue with the last few responsibilities before leaving for the night. Instead of packing up and going home, this employee noticed that a nice little Pokémon had appeared outside of the store. The player attempted to catch the little critter by leaning out of the drive through window which ultimately lead to the criminal mastermind making his way into the store armed with a long blade. The employee was not hurt, but the proceeds of the crime included cash and assorted unhealthy treats.

Although in this case the game can't really be blamed for the incident, it can certainly be attributed to the outcome. There have been several other cases out there of criminals staking out popular Pokémon GO gyms and stops in order to jump the potential victims, taking their expensive phones, wallets and Pokémon too.

Don't be a victim, be careful, play with friends and try to keep it during the daylight hours in areas that you're not familiar with. Pokémon GO is fun, but it's not worth losing your property over and it's certaining never going to be worth your life or serious injury. Play safe and enjoy your game.

Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express
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